Yanjing Beer

Yanjing beer is one of the top selling beers in China. It has a clean and refreshing taste because it is brewed with pure mineral water collected 300 meters beneath the Yanshan Mountain.

It has been the number one beer in China for ten consecutive years. It also is one of the major sponsors for the 2008 Beijing Olympics.

Origin and history

Beer was first introduced into China in the early 19th century, when brewing technology was imported by Europeans. Initially, alcoholic drinks like yellow wine dominated local consumption.

The earliest evidence of brewing in China comes from archeological finds at Mijiaya, a Yangshao site in Shaanxi province. Archaeologists have discovered 5,000-year-old barley and wheat grains in wide-mouthed pots, funnels and amphorae.

Tsingtao Brewery is one of the most well-known beer brands in China and was founded in 1903 by German settlers in Qingdao. It has a range of different beers, including hoppy lagers and dark beers.

Other popular Chinese beers include Harbin beer, Snow Beer and Chongqing Xiangxiang liquor. These beers are also sold in a range of price points. But if you’re looking for a truly traditional Chinese beer, there’s no better option than Yanjing!

Brewing process

Brewing beer is a process that involves boiling grains in water, allowing them to mash, and then adding yeast to the mixture. The yeast will then ferment the sugars in the wort, converting them into alcohol and carbon dioxide.

The brewing process is very complicated, and requires a lot of skill to execute. In order to produce a good quality beer, the brewing ingredients must be of high quality and the brewing process must be efficient.

The main ingredient in Yanjing beer is water, which accounts for over 90% of the beer’s volume. The water used for brewing has to be pure and pristine so that the beer can retain its flavour and taste.

Flavor profile and taste

If you want to get a taste of what Chinese beer is like, the best place to start is with a bottle of Yanjing. This semi-dry 4.7 percent ABV brew has a straw appearance and a light aroma of corn, malts, and fruits.

The taste of this beer is clean, smooth and refreshing. It has a light straw color and a thin head, with hints of grain and pepper on the nose and fruit and malts on your palate.

This 4.7% ABV beer is a big favorite among Chinese. It is brewed with Laoshan mineral water and has a crisp flavor. It is available all year round, and is one of the most popular beers in China.

Pairing of Yanjing beer with different food

The pairing of Yanjing beer with different food is a matter of taste and preference. Traditionally, Chinese foods like fish and rice are paired with light and refreshing beverages.

A brisk beer is also a good way to cut through the rich flavors of spicy Indian food or fatty fried dishes. Similarly, a cool and refreshing beer is the best way to wash down a big plate of noodles.

For starters, the most important rule of thumb is to start with a light beer and work your way up the ladder. Unlike wine, you don’t want to overpower your palate with heavyweight beers. This is especially true if you’re a newcomer to the craft beer scene. The best bet is to find a friendly neighborhood bar or restaurant with an impressive selection of craft beers, and go for it!

Marketing and brand image

Yanjing beer is one of China’s leading brands and has a strong brand image. It is a premium beer that is enjoyed by many people in the country and abroad.

The main products of Yanjing beer include draft beer, fresh beer, original weissbier, alcohol free beer and other special-flavored beers. It has a wide range of flavors and is available in many different countries.

It is important for Yanjing to market its beer to attract new customers and improve customer loyalty among existing ones. It also needs to develop a marketing strategy that can maximize customer life time value.

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