Summit Hops

Summit Hops was developed in 2003 and is the first semi-dwarf hop variety bred in the United States. Its pedigree is a mix of Nugget, Lexus, and Zeus hops giving it a high alpha acid content and citric aroma.

The high alpha acid content makes it an excellent bittering hop and possesses strong orange and grapefruit citrus notes that are popular in American style IPAs and Pale Ales. However, Summit can also contribute a pungent and savory flavor to beer that is often reminiscent of onions or garlic.

Origin and History

Summit is a newer hop variety that has recently made its appearance in the Washington state market. It is a high-alpha (17 to 19% AAU) hop with very strong orange and grapefruit citrus notes.

Originally developed in the late 1990s, Summit is a cross between Nugget and another citrus-flavored hop. It was released commercially in 2003.

Hops have been cultivated since the mid-nineteenth century in Europe. They became a popular crop in the United States around 1850, when growers began expanding westward.

Characteristics and Flavor Profile

Summit is a high alpha, semi-dwarf hop that was developed by Roger Jeske in Washington State. Introduced in 2003, this hop is highly popular as a bittering hop but also works well as a late addition for its unique aroma.

Its pungency and spicy herbal character can be described as anything from grapefruit / citrus to onion / garlic-like. It is a very versatile hop that can be used as a bittering hop, a flavor hop or a combination of the two.

Summit’s flavor profile is more complex than most of its high alpha acid counterparts and can range from heavy to light. In larger doses, it can exhibit a signature tangerine / grapefruit intensity along with an earthy onion/garlic quality that varies depending on harvest conditions.

Brewing Uses

Summit Hops have been used in the brewing of many different styles. They are typically a bittering hop, but they also have earthy aromas and can contribute subtle hints of citrus.

Originally released in 2003, Summit is the first semi-dwarf super high alpha variety to be commercially bred by the American Dwarf Hop Association (ADHA). It was derived from Lexus, Zeus and Nugget hops.

It is a highly aromatic hop, with aroma descriptors including pepper, incense, anise and orange/pink grapefruit/tangerine. It can also add some onion and garlic-like character to the finished beer, depending on the freshness of the Summit.


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Summit hops are a newer American varietal that has both bittering and aromatic characteristics. Their super high alpha acid content and bright, citrus nose of tangerine and orange make them ideal for IPAs and Pale Ales.

Availability and Cultivation

Summit hops are a relatively new variety developed in Washington State by the American Dwarf Hop Association (ADHA). It is the first semi-dwarf hop that has been released for commercial production.

Summit is a high alpha-acid (17 to 19% AAU) hop that is grown on a low trellis system. This results in gentler harvesting and presumably less damage to the hops during the process.

Summit is a highly valued bittering hop that imparts orange, citrus, grapefruit and tangerine aromas. It also pairs well with herbal hops and is sometimes used as a late addition hop to add more bittering power to a beer. It can also produce onion and garlic flavors. This makes Summit a great IPA and Pale Ale base hop. It can also be added to stouts for additional flavor.

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