Nugget Hops

Nugget hops are a high alpha acid hop which is said to be the best bittering variety of its generation. It was created through a breeding program that pairs up Brewers Gold, Early Green, Cantebury Golding, Bavarian and an unknown hop.

It has an herbal spice aroma with a hint of peach and pear notes. It is a great hop to use in a wide range of beer styles and has a pleasant flavor profile.

Origin and History

Originated in 1982 by the USDA as part of a hop breeding program in Corvallis, Oregon, Nugget has quickly become one of the most popular bittering hops on the market. Brewers rely on Nugget to provide a clean bittering character for American style ales and IPAs while also being resistant to many common hop diseases.

Originally bred from Brewer’s Gold, Early Green and East Kent Golding, this variety is known for its herbal spice aroma with a hint of peach and pear. Its high alpha acid content makes it a suitable addition to most American styles of beer.

Traditionally, hop breeders aimed to improve agronomic features of favoured traditional varieties whilst maintaining the aroma and flavour characteristics as close as possible to the mother variety. This difficult task is exacerbated by the subjectivity and complexity of breeding methods.

Characteristics and Flavor Profile

Often a favorite in many craft brewers IPA, Nugget Hops are known for their unique flavor and aroma. They have a fruity, resinous and earthy aroma that carries over into most styles of beer.

Nugget is a highly aromatic and complex hop with moderate bittering potential. Its floral and apricot character lends well to American Pale Ales and German Pilsener style beers.

It is also used as a late addition hop in many lagers, especially Bohemian Pilsener style beers. It has a smooth, non-citrusy aroma that is not as harsh as other high alpha varieties such as Chinook or Simcoe.

Released in 1983, Nugget is a hybrid of Brewer’s Gold and a selected male from the USDA breeding program. It is a dual purpose hop and is one of the early “super-alpha” varieties.

Brewing Uses

Nugget Hops are a high alpha acid hop variety with a resinous, earthy and floral flavor. It is a great choice for bittering beers, and it can also be used as an aroma hop to balance out the floral and citrus notes of other varieties.

Bred in the United States and released in 1983, Nugget was one of the earliest “super-alpha” varieties to hit the market. Released shortly after the global hop shortage of 1981, it quickly found success among brewers who wanted a high-alpha hop that would offer smooth, clean bittering potential.

A hybrid of Brewers Gold and a high-alpha male, Nugget has an alpha acid range of 12% to 14.5%. It is a traditional bittering hop and works best as an early addition hop, but it can also be used in later boil additions to add a subtle herbal and woody character to beers.

Pairing of $ prompt with different beer styles

When it comes to pairing beer and food, you need to consider the main elements of each: aromas, flavours, intensity and mouthfeel. There are also other considerations like preparation techniques, serving temperatures and garnishes.

This is especially true for beers that have multiple flavour components. For example, a light lager could feature a low hop character and bitterness and a high level of roast malts or yeast-derived fruitiness.

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Availability and Cultivation

Nugget hops are an easy-to-grow and widely available variety. They are resistant to the common disease, powdery mildew.

They grow vigorously in poor soils and can be grown in a wide range of climates. They are a good choice for home gardeners and are well-suited for container growing in the landscape as well.

This plant is a fast-growing vine that produces abundant, pale, aromatic hops. It can be trained to climb a trellis or fence, or left to crawl along the ground as a groundcover.

This hop has an excellent reputation for its high bittering potential and herbal aroma. It is often used in American craft beer styles where the bittering quality of the hops plays a big role. It can also be used in a wider range of beer styles for its herbal and woody aromas.

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