Lemondrop Hops

A hop that can add a unique lemon-citrus character to beer. Originally released in 2012 by Hopsteiner as Experimental #01210, Lemondrop has a unique combination of fruity and herbal notes that is perfect for IPAs, Pale Ales, and Saisons.

As the craft brew industry continues to grow, so does the demand for hops that are more assertive in aroma and flavor. Many new varieties are being developed that fit that bill.

Origin and history

Originally known as Experimental Hop #01210, Lemondrop is an aroma variety derived from Cascade. Its lupulin glands evoke flavors of lemon, mint, green tea, and slight melon.

It’s a newer hop in the craft scene and has already made an impression on the American brewing community, especially with pale ales and IPAs. You’ll find the hop in Founders Solid Gold and other IPAs, but it also works well in pilsners and wheat beers.

Hops Lemondrop is a dwarf variety, meaning it grows shorter than traditional varieties but produces the same yield. It is a good choice for late kettle additions or dry hopping.

Characteristics and flavor profile

Lemon Drop hops are a new aroma hop developed in the United States. They have a unique lemon-citrus character, along with subtle herbaceous notes.

This aroma-type hop, derived from a cross between Cascade and USDA 19058 male, creates a lemon, mint, green tea, slight melon flavor. It has a unique combination of fruity and herbal notes, and is ideal for pilsners and wheat beers.

This hop is a daughter of Cascade and is moderately low in co-humulone levels. It is a solid lower alpha bittering hop, but its flavor and aroma qualities are more pronounced when used as an aroma hop.

Brewing uses

Hops are used to add flavor and aroma to beer. They come in two main types: aroma hops and bittering hops.

Generally, aroma hops will impart the desired aromas into the beer while bittering hops will add bitterness and balance out the flavor of the beer. Ultimately, it is up to the brewer to choose the hop variety that best suits their style and taste preference.

Originally released by Hopsteiner in 2012 as Experimental #01210, Lemondrop is a Super Cascadian hop that has a unique lemon-citrus character with subtle herbaceous notes. It is great for IPAs, pale ales and wheat beers.

Pairing of $ prompt with different beer styles

If you are a beer lover, you will find that many different styles of craft beer pair well with certain foods. This is because beers vary in color, taste and alcohol content as well as body and aroma.

For example, porters and stouts are dark in color and have flavors of nuts, toffee and chocolate. They pair well with smoked meats, caramelized onions and soft cheeses.

While there are some basic rules about pairing food and beer, you should always try to draw on subtle elements that contrast or integrate the flavours. This will create more palate satisfaction and avoid clashes between the ingredients of the food and the beer.

Availability and cultivation

Once a simple crop that was used to supplement grain, hops have become a global necessity and a hot topic among growers, brewers and consumers alike. Breeding new hops is a complex process that takes years to perfect, and only a few varieties make it to commercial markets each year.

Hops Lemondrop, formally Experimental #01210, is a Super Cascade-derived aroma hop with lemon, mint, green tea and slight melon notes that are perfectly suited to sessionable ales and quality lagers. Originally released by Hopsteiner, this variety has a unique lemon-citrus character and subtle herbaceous notes.

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