Kronenbourg Beer

The Kronenbourg beer is a popular French lager. It is brewed in the Alsace region of France using Strisselspalt hops that are unique to that area and give the beer its bitter and fragrant citrus taste.

The branding of the Kronenbourg beer is designed to reflect its history and to evoke a feeling of authenticity among customers. The logo consists of a white oval centre and red ribbons inspired by the French “cocarde tricolore”.

Origin and History

The origin of Kronenbourg beer dates back to 1664 when Jerome Hatt first brewed it. He opened his brewery in Strasbourg, France.

The company grew over the years and became one of the worlds largest brewers. The brand is now sold in over 70 countries worldwide.

It has become a popular beer in many places around the globe and is known for its taste. It is a premium beer that is more bitter than sweet and has a citrus flavor that delicately resembles grapefruit.

It is also a very strong beer with a mellow texture and fine hops that give it a refreshing flavor. It is a great choice for drinking in the summer.

Brewing process

The brewing process for beer involves malting, milling, mashing, extract separation, boiling, hop addition and removal, filtration, cooling and aeration, fermentation, and conditioning. Brewers rely on the yeast they add to convert grain starches to sugar and then ferment it into alcohol and carbon dioxide.

The first step in the brewing process is to boil sweet wort (liquid made by mixing water and grain). At this stage, the brewers add aromatic, terpene-rich hops to balance out the sweetness of the wort and add bitterness.

Kronenbourg 1664 is brewed with Strisselspalt hops that are unique to the Alsace region of France. It has a delicate bitterness and fragrant citrus flavour.

Flavor profile

The flavor of a beer is largely determined by the ingredients that go into its brewing process. Some beers may have a sweet or fruity taste while others might have a spicy or bitter flavor.

Kronenbourg beer has a delicious and refreshing flavor that can be enjoyed with different types of food. This beer also has a unique appearance that appeals to consumers all over the world.

The flavor of this beer is quite refreshing and has a light sweetness that blends with spices, wheat notes and exotic fruits. It also has a mild bitterness from the hops and added coriander spice. This makes it a great drink to enjoy when you want to relax.

Pairing of Kronenbourg beer with different food

The pairing of beer with food is one of the best ways to enjoy both together. European beers pair well with European foods, so you can enjoy a French brew with an Italian pasta dish or a German lager with a German pretzel.

Kronenbourg 1664 Blanc is a light and refreshing wheat beer that pairs well with many dishes. Its effervescent flavour makes it ideal for pairing with seafood.

The 5% abv beer is made with a blend of barley, water from underground sources and Strisselspalt hops (the caviar of hops). It offers a perfectly balanced fresh taste with delicate bitterness and subtle fruity notes.

Marketing and brand image

The marketing of Kronenbourg beer is focused around the brand’s historical recipe and its high quality. Consumers relate to the beer as a regular, quality and historical drink.

As a result, Kronenbourg has been successful in marketing the product to consumers. It has also managed to develop a strong brand image and is well known for its beer packaging.

The agency Carre Noir was hired to rebrand the brand and create its global brand identity. The design includes everything from the brand logo to trade merchandising and digital assets. The design also features a new symbol based on Kronenbourg’s long heraldic history. The symbol is used on signage, print material, bars and key products such as the glass and bottle. It has a gothic typeface and gold extruded outline that bring more beer cues into the brand’s visual identity.

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