Columbus Hops

Columbus Hops are a bittering variety that can be used in many different types of beer. They are also known for their spicy and earthy aromas that can add a unique flavor to your beer.

This high-alpha variety has an earthy, spicy, pungent aroma with some citrus overtones. It is popular for use in American-style IPAs, pale ales, and stouts.

Origin and History

The origin of Columbus Hops is somewhat of a mystery. It is thought that Charles Zimmerman, a former USDA hop breeder, may have grown this variety at his home in the 1970s.

Although the lineage of this hop isn’t clear, it has been thought that Brewer’s Gold could have played a role somewhere along the way. It is also believed that a couple undisclosed American varieties are part of its genetic makeup.

Columbus is a super high alpha acid bittering hop that is often used in IPAs and other hoppy beers. It has a strong earthy flavor and spicy aroma, making it an excellent choice for these beers.

Characteristics and Flavor Profile

Columbus hops are a super high alpha acid variety with a spicy, earthy, and pungent character. They are often used for bittering in IPAs, but can also be used for aroma additions to produce more floral and citrus notes.

The hop is known for its high concentration of essential oils, which include caryophyllene. This compound is a powerful flavor contributor to beer, especially if it’s used heavily in the aroma end of the brew.

Columbus has a higher yield of cones than many other commercial varieties and is known to have a superior content of alpha acids in its soft resins. It is also known to be asexually reproduced via traditional methods of culturing vine material in the field and then dividing it into clones.

Brewing Uses

Columbus Hops are an ideal bittering hop for IPA’s and other hoppy beers. They have a strong earthy flavor that complements the bitterness of other hops.

They also have a high aroma intensity. This makes them popular late additions in beers that need a strong aromatic hop to balance the bitterness of other hops.

Their aroma can be earthy, spicy, and pungent with hints of citrus. This makes them an excellent addition to American pale ales, IPA’s, and amber ales.

They have a unique oil profile that can be compared to Chinook, Nugget, and Millennium. Columbus’s essential oils are concentrated – up to twice as much as other hop varieties.

Pairing of $ prompt with different beer styles

Beer is a complex flavorful drink that comes in many styles, with unique flavors and aromas. It takes time to find a beer that suits your tastes.

Similarly, pairing food with beer can be challenging. It’s important to understand the four guiding principles of contrast, complement, cleanse and avoid overpowering flavors.

In addition to these rules, there are also other factors that impact a successful pairing. These include taste and aroma characteristics, as well as intensity.

Availability and Cultivation

Columbus is a relatively new American cultivar. It was patented in the USA by HopUnion Inc. and combines earthy, spicy flavors with a strong undercurrent of resin-like pungency.

It is part of a trio of similar high alpha-acid hops commonly referred to as CTZ (Tomahawk(r), Zeus, and Columbus) but is genetically distinct from them all.

Columbus hops have very high concentrations of essential oils – twice as much as other varieties. This gives them an interesting flavor profile with subtle hints of citrus.

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