Craft Brewpub Zvikov

Owner Michal Voldrich spent time at Staropramen perfecting his craft before setting out on his own on a quest to revive the old brewing traditions the Zvikov castle which is located near the brewpub. In an effort to be authentic, top-fermenting yeast is used for their 12% light and 14% dark as this was what was in use 500 years ago. The resulting beers have a distinct appearance and flavor and is probably about as close as you'll get to what would have been on offer if you were lucky enough to be a guest at the castle long ago.
Mr Voldrich now divides his time between other business, family and the brewery now, so he relies on his friend and brewmaster, Vladimir Lichman, to look after the day to day brewing operations. However, he manages to make time to help on the weekends and still reckons that the two of them are easily the largest consumers of their own product. Lately, they've started to brew a 26% "Port wine of Beers" which is a rich, strong brew which goes well with a cigar by the fireside or any other special occasion when only the best will do.


Craft Brewery Zivkov

Location: Zvikovske Pohradi, Bohemia

Founded: 1991 (First beer brewed 1993)

Annual Production: 450 hl


Brewmaster: Vladimir Licman; (Michal Voldrich-Owner),

Quick Facts: Located near a castle at the confluence of the Otava and Vltava rivers which was founded in the 13th century.


Zvikov at

Zlata Labut Light Lager

Zlata Labut Amber Unfiltered

Zlata Labut Dark Lager

Kralovska Zlata Labut
(lagers nearly a year!)

-Produces a variety of seasonal beers.

-Site of the Spring Brewmaster's Prize for Czech microbreweries