Velke Brezno

Milan Zajpt tells us that drinking at least 1 beer a day is necessary for the work of a brewmaster ("well, one or two..") but on average he'll have a few more than that, after all you have to enjoy your work. Unlike most in the industry here, Mr. Zajpt doesn't come from a brewing family, but did grow up living near a brewery which probably had some unconcious influence. He's very content with what he's accomplished over the years and is happy to had the chance to work crafting beers.


Velke Brezno Brewery
(a subsidiary of Drinks Union)

Location: near Usti nad Labem, Bohemia

Founded: 1606

Annual Production: 200,000 hl (full capacity)


Brewmaster: Jaroslavv Rottenborn, Milan Zajpt, assistant brewmaster

Quick Facts: The name carried by the beers, Breznak, is an old style of beer that was brewed in the early winter and left to mature until the Spring dance season which is in March (Brezen in Czech).



Breznak Pub Light Lager
10% 4.1% alcohol

Breznak Light Lager
12%, 5.1% alcohol

Breznak Pub Dark Lager
10% 4.1% alcohol

Breznak Special Lager
14%, 6.1% alcohol


-A half dark 11% is on the way in 2007

-Brewery exports to German, Australia, Spain