U Fleku

U Fleku

Kremencova 11, 110 00 Prague 1
Tel.: +420 224 934 019-20 , +420 602 660 290
Website: www.ufleku.cz

Dear friends,
In our premises we will gladly organize buffets for both business events and family celebrations. The price is set according to individual customer requirements.

Restaurant and Brewery “U Fleku”: Then and Now
It is not really necessary to introduce the “U Fleku” brewery and restaurant. Perhaps everybody who has walked down the Kremencová street has kept in mind a richly decorated clock on the brewery’s facade that asks everybody to visit any of the several rooms of the restaurant. And everybody who has come in has kept in mind, or better on the tongue, a delicious and unique taste of “U Fleku” 13° lager. Up to now the lager has been brewed according to old recipes, but in a newly furnished setting with the same care as in the time of our great grandfathers. The “U Fleku” brewery celebrates its 500th anniversary since it was founded in 1499.
The atmosphere of the old “U Fleku” building is emphasized in the individual rooms and halls of the restaurant by the interior decoration and stylish furnishings. Starting with the most famous and most original one, called “Akademie” (Academy), where in the last century famous figures of Czech history used to meet, through “Václavka” with its stained glass, to “Jitrnice” (Sausage) with a Gothic vault and to “Rytírský sál” (Knights’ Hall) furnished in romantic style. In its eight rooms and halls the “U Fleku” brewery restaurant can serve more than 1200 guests at once, either in the intimate setting of the “Kufr” (Suitcase) or “Akademie” or in the “Kabaret” (Cabaret) hall with 200 seats, where the “U Fleku” cabaret takes place.
The history and modern times of the “U Fleku” building is diverse. For one it represents a pilgrim place of Prague and Czech beer drinkers, for another it represents an interesting historic sight from a tourist point of view - one of the most visited within the country. “U Fleku” is without a doubt the most famous Prague pub. Today it is a place of culinary experiences. Our staff in our newly equipped kitchen can satisfy the requirements of even the pickiest gourmets with their offer of traditional old Czech dishes.
All this makes the “U Fleku” restaurant an ideal place for theme celebrations, banquets, cocktails or other social events, that you, our guest, are preparing not only for the end of this year. The “U Fleku” restaurant is also ready to organize a cultural or music programme in the “Kabaret” hall. We will prepare the event to match both all your programme and gastronomic requirements to your full satisfaction.


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