THE 15 - Self Guided Tour

Ready to set out and find some of Prague's Finest Beer? Well, let's go!

IMPORTANT UPDATE! Prague Public Transport pulled the ol' switch-er-oo on us and changed the tram lines! So now longer does the #15 take you to U Bulovky, the last stop on our trip. YOU MUST TAKE THE #25 TRAM from the Pivni Galerie in order to reach the Bulovka tram stop and Richter Brewery. Sorry for the confusion ,but as they say: You can't fight city hall!

All these places are on the #15 tram line. Depending on your pace this can be a half day tour, or can easily take up a whole day if you find yourself enjoying the beer! Use the map below to locate the points on our tour. Hit all the points or mix and match how you like...

#1. Strahov Monastic Brewery Strahovské Nádvori #10, Prague 1- He're you'll find some great beers brewed on premesis including and amber and a dark that are on tap year round. When you hit the season right you'll get to taste the Easter Lager, Summer Wheat, Fall Stout, or Christmas Strong Ale. It's an easy find from the castle, just look for the Strahov Monastary and right across the courtyard is the restaurant/brewery. There are several parts to the restaurant, so look for the bar area where the brewing kettles are. Ask for Martin, the brewmaster, he'll be happy to show you around if he has time.

#2. Svijansky Rytir Jireckova #13, Prague 7 - This place is real find. Aside from having a great selection of beers on tap they have some fantastic food at great prices. Getting there is a bit tricky if you are new to Prague: take the tram to "Letenske Namesti". If you are coming from point #1 you'll get off the tram and walk around the block that's right in front of you to get to the place. You can go either left or right around the block, it's up to you. If you go to the left side you'll pass a classic little pub that serves Klaster beer on the corner. Stop in for's an experience!!

#3. Pivni Galerie U Pruhonu #9, Prague 7 - Okay, again a little trick here getting to this one. If you are coming from point #2 you need to take the tram to stop "Delnicka" and then you'll walk back to the right once you get off the tram, it's about 50 m back to U Pruhonu street. If you happen to be coming from the other direction (on 5, 12, or 15 tram) then you get off at "U Pruhonu" stop and simply cross the street. Thing is that there is only a "U Pruhonu" stop in one direction...little joke from Prague Public Transport!

#4.Zlata Kovadlina Komunardu #40 - This one is right across from the Pivni Galerie in front of the "U Pruhonu" tram stop. The only thing hard to find here is the Bowling Bar, which is in the back, just go through the restaurant to the steps in the back.

#5.U Bulovky - Richter Brewery Bulovka #17 - It's a little far out, but worth the trip! Just make sure you get off the tram and turn right, walk 20m to where the intersection with the stop light is and then turn right and cross at the crosswalk, then cross another small street and continue straight ahead on Bulovka street. It will curve around a little and right before you start down the hill you'll see the place on the right.


Use your mouse to move the map. The zoom tool on the left can be used to get more detail.