Czech Pubs: Getting beer in Your mug!

Vienna may have Cafe Society, and New York has it’s High Society, but Prague is the proud home of Pub Society. Though you’re sure to find places where the beautiful people are sipping a caffe espresso so small you would hardly notice it if you spilled it on your tie, or a delicate Merlot from Napa valley, the heart of culture lies elsewhere. Though the pubs of Czech Republic usually aren’t fancy affairs, you’ll discover the real center of a community there. This is where people (okay, mostly men...) gather to discuss the topic of the day, which can vary wildy from such things as the current political crisis to the rising cost and declining quality of potatoes in the local market.

The Czech Pub is efficiently built for conversation. You won’t find any loud music (or music at all in many places!) to distract from the topic of discussion, though a TV will come out for sure when Czech is playing hockey or football. You’ll find yourself making new friends thanks to the large tables that make for a convivial atmosphere. Beer of course flows free—sometimes you’ll find a new one in front of you before you ask for it! As they say, alcohol helps loosen the tongue, and since Communism is past, you won’t have to worry about expressing your views freely. Czechs are a level-headed bunch and even the most heated conversations will usually end with friendly parting.

You’ll find many names for the local watering hole: Pivnice-Generally more Beer-centric with maybe some cold food, Hospoda-More like a restaurant, but still with plenty of beer, Hostinec-we can’t really figure this one out, but there’s beer here too! Don’t get too caught up in the names though, they’re kind of interchangeable these days. No matter what the type, what you’ll usually find inside is a modestly decorated interior with large tables decorated with a stack of beer mats. Beer is first and foremost. If you decide to eat, utensils will be brought later. The local place will usually fill up by the early evening, and everyone starts to clear out after ten. But if you didn’t get a chance to talk to somebody, don’t worry, they’ll probably be back tomorrow!

Pubs in Prague & Beyond

Prague 1

Barácnická Rychta
Red Hot & Blues
Caffrey's Irish Bar
Staromestská Restaurace
U Templáre
U Rudolfína
U Zlatého Tygra
U Cerneho Vola
U Medvídku
U Fleku
Restaurant Michal

Prague 2

U Kalicha

Prague 3

U Sadu
Restaurace Království

Prague 5


Prague 6

Zlatý Rožen

Prague 7

Pivní galerie
Svijansky Rytir

Farther Out

U Bezoušku (Brewpub)- Pruhonice
Pivovarsky Dvur Zvikov (Brewpub & Hotel) - Zvikovske Pohradi



(Note: To make sure you can read the names of breweries, we sometimes have to remove the diacritic marks that are used in the Czech language. You can see the proper spelling on the beer labels for each brewery. If you have any questions about spelling or pronunciation, just drop us a line!)