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Flash Games:

Beer Monster - collect the cans and escape. Kind of addicting.

The Romp - An instuctional game on the dangers of too much alcohol!


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Visit some of our friends strewn across the internet.

Beer Advocate - Two brothers and their grass-roots effort to get beer the respect it deserves!

European Beer Guide - One man's quest to sample every beer in Europe

Alex Hall's Real Ale Pages - Resource for US and UK ales. Don't miss the Avoid List of glolbalmegabrands.

Stonch's Beer Blog - Join Jeff as he travels around looking for new lovely frothy finds.

Bier Mania - Andy will be happy to take you around and show you some great places, great beer and a great time!

Shut up About Barclay Perkins - Just try and make Ron Pattison shut up about beer! Personally if you'd just shut up about U Rotundy I'd be happy, Ron.