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Novoměstský Brewery

Using only fresh Czech ingredients and decoction brewing, Miroslav Vrana conjures up fine unfiltered brews, keeping alive old traditions dating back to 1434 in this location. His biggest challenge is keeping up with demand, which is no surprise as there's always a full house.


New Town Brewery, Prague

Location: Vodickova 20, Prague 1

Founded: 1993

Annual Production: 1400 hl


Brewmaster: Miroslav Vrana; Stepan Myslivecek-Asst. Brewer

Quick Facts: Brewing rights were given to the site in 1434.U

Where to Find It:
At the Bewery!





-11°Light "Yeast Beer"

-11° Dark "Yeast Beer"

Brewing At New Town Brewery, Miroslav Vrana

Miroslav Vrana, New Town Brewery