Nova Paka Brewery

Location: Nová Paka (100km NE of Prague)

Founded: 1871

Annual Production: 58,000 hl (2006)

(US distributor)

Brewmaster: Ladislav Klazar

Quick Facts: Exports approximately 50% of production.


- Can found in the US at Trader Joe's supermarket chain.

-Was the best selling brewery at the Pivni Galerie in 2006.

-Have their own malting house on premises.


Nova Paka at

Novopacké pivo

The brewery with malt house in Nova Paka – Novopacke pivo

The foundation stone of the brewery in Nová Paka was laid in 1871 and as early as in the first year, the first brew was brewed historically. Since the foundation of the brewery, brewing has never stopped here. Nowadays, the joint-stock company Brewery Nová Paka employs 60 employees and brews 7 types of beer.

Brewmaster Ladislav Klazar wakes at 5:30 to take his morning tour of the brewery. Though his duties involve overseeing the whole operation of brewing, from controlling the quality of ingredients to the business end of things, he takes time to see that every batch is sent off with the uttered wish "Go with God!" He takes pride in being brewing with the old traditions and looks forward to the growth of Czech craft beers. Mr. Klazar started his life with beer as a part-time job washing kegs and quickly rose to become on of the Czech Republic's youngest brewmasters for a mid-sized brewery.

– refreshing pale beer belonging to the category of pale tap beers with alcohol content 4%

Krystof – pale tap beer of richer taste, alcohol 4.5%

Kumburak – pale lager, rich taste with velvety foam, alcohol 5%

Hemp Valley Beer – its individual taste is given by the connection of a deeply fermented beer with pleasantly light bitter taste and extract obtained from hemp growing in mountain valleys in Switzerland. Alcohol content 4.5%

Granat – dark sweeter lager with quality rich foam suitable for mixing with pale types, alcohol 5%

Podkrkonossky special – unique stronger beer with beautiful colour, which ranks among the specialities. The taste of malt is balanced with distinct bitterness, alcohol 6.3%

Podkrkonossky special tmavy – strong dark beer with caramel taste, garnet colour with thick foam. Alcohol content 6,3%

Valdstejn – pale specialty, the taste distribution of which will surely satisfy fans of strong, fairly bitter beer with good foam, alcohol 7%