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Hops get protection

03.03.2007 Zatec hops, the flavor-giving heart of Czech and many other famous beers around the world, has been granted protection by the European Union. Our favorite weed has been granted the Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) which puts it on the level of "Greek Feta", "Balsamic Vinegar" and "Welsh Beef". This guarantees that the product must be made in a specific geographic region and using specified traditional methods. This means when you see made with "Zatecky chmel" you'll be getting the real deal.

Editor's note: We admit we're gullable and we got mislead on this one. While it's true that Zatec hops are over the big step in the PDO process, it's not a 100% done deal. There were no objections to the proposition, which is what the press has been touting. However, there are still some formalities to be dealt with before it becomes official... -brb

Link: The official declaration of application

The Panther "Anthers"...

7.02.2007 We've picked up more intelligence from the field the the new Budvar "Pardal" beer is a 10 degree (see our Beer Primer if that confuses you!) that's more bitter than the normal Bud. It will also cost somewhere around 7Kc in the local store, pricing it well below the competition...

If Called by a Panther...
27.01.2007 The lid is off Budvar's new brew! Budvar has been slowing dropping hints about a new brew in the making and now it has a name!

This Budvar's for Bud...

09.01.2007 Our beloved Czech Budvar announced this week an "historic" agreement with none other than old rival Anheuser Busch! Seems that the purveyors of the fine American 'version' of Budweiser will put it's distribution network at the disposal of Czechvar, Budvar's export brew. Beer fans, we're not real sure what to make of this one yet. We'll be commenting on this one later when we have had time to talk to Budvar, but for the meantime, read what Budvar themselves have to say...
Budvar Press Release >>


From editors desk FROM THE EDITOR'S DESK
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(They're Bringing Beer!)
Thiis veel bee guuut!!Believe it or not, the quiet little country of Belgium was once quite adept at running around the globe conquering other countries. They've since decided to stay at home and run everything through this new "EU" club that everybody wants to join, but that hasn't stopped them from trying invade the beer market of the Czech Republic. We found out about their plan and now are here to tell the world about the invasion! Belgian beer is coming to Prague... MORE >>

Pilsner Expands

23.02.2007 Plzensky Prazdroj is planning on brewing up some new flavors according reports today in Hospodarske Noviny. Two new products are being prepared, a 13 degree half-dark lager and a 18 degree dark lager. Prazdroj says it's not a matter of increasing profits, but of expanding it's product line to fill the premium market. This significant step marks the entrance of a major Czech brewer into a market up until now dominated by the smaller Czech brewers, notably Pardubicky Porter and Cerna Hora Kern dark beers. No definite names has been announced yet but amongst the candidates are "Jantar" (Amber) and "Diplomat".

Budvar on the Block?

21.02.2007 The perennially cash poor Czech government has once again made rumblings concerning the possible sale of Budejovický Budvar in an attempt to raise budget revenues. Apparently the state needs money for highway construction and maintenance to the tune of around 1 Billion Euro, which happens to be about what they think Budvar could fetch on the market. A previous attempt to privatize the state run brewery several years ago was unsuccessful. The main interested party at that time was Anheuser-Busch, who was revealed this week to be in talks with beverage conglomerate Inbev about a possible merger.

Tapped in Tabor

7.02.2007 Well, we made it back from the Tabor Beer fest...just barely! We're glad to tell you we had a heck of a time in Tabor and got to drink some great brews and meet with some great folks. Here are the main results:

Czech Beer Seal 2007
1st place Winners

Premium Lager Ambrosius Gold-Holba Brewery
Special Dark Lager Bernard Special Dark 13%-Bernard Brewery Humpolec
Dark Lager Havran-Vyskov Brewery
Light Lager Hostan Castle 11%-Hostan Brewery
Light Pub Lager Starobrno Traditional-Starobrno Brewery
Dark Pub Lager Dacicky Pub Dark-Kutna Hora (Drinks Union)
Light Lager from a Microbrewery Harrach Light Lager-Malostransky Brewery Velke Mezirici
Dark Lager from a Microbrewery Golden Swan 14%-Zvikov Mikrobrewery
Special Brew Special 14%-Pelhrimov Brewery

For full results, see the official webpage of Pivni Slavnost Tabor

Lappin' up the Taxes!THANKS FINLAND!!
Ahh, the good ol' EU is trying to raise the price of beer for simple common folk like you and me... But don't worry quite yet thanks to a little nation of beer drinkers... No taxation without inebriation!! MORE >>


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