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Modrá Hvezda Brewpub

Petr Petruzalek wasn't the most serious student in school and due to his sub-par grades he didn't make the cut to be a shop keeper. Today he can't believe his luck that it worked out like that. We're glad too as he's brewing up a great selection. Be sure to check out the Amber "Dragoun", it's outstanding.


Modrá Hvezda

Location: Dobrany, 15 km south of Plzen

Founded: 1998 (2003 brewing started)

Annual Production: 1500 hl


Brewmaster: Petr Petruzalek

Quick Facts:

Where to Find It:
At the Bewery!





-10° Light

-12° Light

-14° Dark

-16° Amber "Dragoun"

-17° Light "Sekac"

-13° Cherry

-23° Light

All beers are unpasturized, unfiltered.

Modra Hvezda 14

Modra Hvezda 17

Modra Hvezda 16