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Mothers, hide your daughters, the Czech Beer Guide Print Edition #2!latest Czech Beer Guide print edition has hit the street!

You probably won't believe it, (and we almost don't ourselves) but the Czech Beer Guide has issued it's historic 2nd edition! This issue is packed with great information (and humor) for anyone who is visiting Prague or just plain loves Czech Beer. So pick up a copy at your local hotel, restaurant or other fine establishment in Prague.

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Spring Brewmaster's Prize

Permon takes top Lager Prize, Joe's Garage top Dark Lager

Representatives of 24 Czech microbreweries converged on Zvikov this weekend to sample 63 entries in the first ever awards for the smallest Czech breweries. The event, arranged by the Pivni Kuryr and the Pivni Galerie, was a fantastic opportunity for everyone to get together and taste some great beers and enjoy the company of fellow beer enthusiasts. The field of winners was quite varied and though not everyone walked away with a prize, for sure all left knowing that Czech beer tradition is alive and well! Thanks all for a great time! Full list of results.

Pubs in Prague

Coming to Prague for a visit? Living and Prague and getting tired of being treated like dirt at that stinky place you always go to around the corner? Well, find out the best places to go to enjoy some real beer! We've got the run-down on the places to be seen, but we know that you don't care about that, so instead we put together a list of the GOOD places to put back a few!!

Situation Normal!

20.07.2012 Well, it's no secret from reading these pages we're not the best at updating the website, but we do try to keep on top of the emails...when the email form is working. Turns out if you sent us something via the form in the last, oh six-twelve months, we just got a bunch of blank emails that look like some drunkard couldn't figure out how to type (we get a far amount of that too. So anyway, RESEND and we'll RESPOND. Cheers, -CBG

Seasons Greetings

22.12.2008 Everyone here at the CBG want's to wish you and your loved ones (and your family too) a merry holiday season. Look forward to seeing you in 2009 with much more than you saw in 2008. That's right we're just gonna quit our jobs and drink beer. Well, we're gonna try at least!

Alive and Drinkin'

1.02.2008 Thought it would be a good time to let everyone know that yes, the CBG is still alive. As happens from time to time we have had to devote our time to other projects (such as drinking lots of Czech beer!) Anyway, thanks for all your emails and though we may not have answered them yet, they will be! Also we know there was a snafu with mailing out some guides, we apologize and if you didn't get one yet, you will. We're hard at work on the next issue, so watch out.

Krusovice Sold to Heineken

15.06.2007 In a bid to strengthen it's position in the Czech market, Dutch mega-brewer Heineken announced they have agreed to purchase Czech brewer Krusovice for an undisclosed amount. The move was widely anticipated as Heineken, who has been established in the Czech beer market through Starobrno which it purchased in 2003, rarely is satisfied with a small market percentage. Likely they are next looking to purchase Drinks Union, a.s. or PMS, a.s., owner of Zuber, Litovel and Holba. Purchase of one of these top producers would catapult Heineken into 2nd position in terms of production.

Zatec Set for American Debut

3.05.2007 Straight from the heart of the hops growing region, Zatec beer has been around brewing great beer for centuries. Now those lucky folks in America are about to get their first taste of one of Czech's best kept secrets as Merchant du Vin starts to import and distribute the hoppy brew. The company also imports such notables as Orval, Samuel Smith and Westmalle.

Read about it at Beer Advocate.

Cerna Hora? Shan Lu!

26.04.2007 Cerna Hora has announced it's entrance to the ever-growing Chinese market. Jiri Fusek, director of the brewery, said that the export will start on a basic level to asses the demand and grow accordingly into the next year. Hospardarsky Noviny reported that Cerna Hora is the second brewery to export to China, after Klastar brewery's entry last year. To date, the major Czech brewers, including foreign owned Staropramen and Pilsner Urquell, have not entered into China with their brands citing low development of the market.

(Editor's Note: Contrary to Hospodarsky's report, our staff personally sampled Budvar and Zatec in Hong Kong which since 1997 is pretty much China as we see it...)

Anheuser-Busch Denied EU Trademark

21.04.2007 American brewing giant Anheuser-Busch was struck another blow in the battle for the "Budweiser Beer" trademark. The EU Office for Harmonization in the Internal Market rejected AB's application for a pan-European trademark for the name, which is used by AB and Budejovicky Budvar, on the grounds that the Czech company had established rights to use the name internationally. Budvar can still challenge the decision with a lawsuit (hmmm...do you think they can scrape together the cash to hire a lawyer??)


Pilsner Uncaps New Beers

11.04.2007 Pilsner Urquell officially announced it's new "Master" beers, a 13 degree half dark and an 18 degree dark beer. These beers will reportedly only be brewed using traditional, natural ingredients (which is apparently something new for Pilsner these days). The beers will be available mainly in the Czech Republic on draught to start but will undoubtedly be exported by SABMiller, Pilsner's parent conglomerate.

Czech Breweries Set Record

15.03.2007 Czech breweries set a new record production record with 19.79 million hectoliters in 2006. Gains were made mainly in exports. MORE >>

Budvar Sale Shelved

15.03.2007 The current Czech government has put off a decision on selling state owned brewery Budejovicky Budvar. The government had previously floated the idea to fund road construction. The reason to post considering the sale was the need to assure the protection of Budvar's trademarks. (source Hospodarske Noviny)

Hops get protection

03.03.2007 Zatec hops, the flavor-giving heart of Czech and many other famous beers around the world, has been granted protection by the European Union. MORE >>

Put Back a Few

26.02.2007 Budvar gave a sneak peak of it's new "Pardal" to journalists last week, though the official launch won't be until March 2nd. It's a bit more on the bitter side as compared with other Budvar beers, and thanks to it's 3.8% alcohol content, you won't be staggering home.

Pilsner Expands

23.02.2007 Plzensky Prazdroj is planning on brewing up some new flavors possibly named "Jantar" (Amber) and "Diplomat". MORE >>