Kout na Sumave

Kout na Sumave

Rising from the ashes, the Kout brewery is functioning again thanks to Jan Skala. He and brewmaster Bohuslav Hlavsa are working on getting things going and by the looks of it, they're doing well. Kout beer is not on the tap in 5 cities as well as in the "Koutland" bar in Plzen, which carries their entire range of brews.


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Location: Kout na Sumave

Founded: 2006 (re-established)

Annual Production:

Website: none janskala@email.cz

Brewmaster: Bohuslav Hlavsa

Quick Facts:

Where to Find It:
-Koutland (Plzen)
-Modre Abby (Klatovy)





-10° Light

-12° Light

-14° Dark Special

-18° Dark Special