Joe's Garage

Joe's Garage Beer

After many years working for the big guys in Plzen, Josef Krysl decide to go it alone. Now he's has every man's dream: a brewery in his garage. Not only will you find him brewing here, but also at the Purkmister and as far away as Vietnam.

Joe's Garage Beer

Location: Plzen

Founded: 2004

Annual Production: 3500 hl

Website: (still under construction)

Brewmaster: Josef Krysl

Quick Facts: Bearing a strong resemblance to a famous guitar player, Krysl appears playing guitar on his beers' logo.

Where to Find It:
Featured at various pubs around Plzen and Prague.





-12,3° Light XX Bitter

-12,8° Light "Fat Boy"

-12° Wheat "Yello Shark"

-12,5° Dark "Freak Out"