United Tastes of Herold

Traditional Czech lager
This is a true classic Czech light beer lager perfect for everyday drinking, lagered for up to 30 days, 4,1% ABV.
Bohemian blond lager
Brewed using our own hand turned malts and Saaz hops. Traditional double decoction Pils, lagered for up to 60 days. 5,2% ABV.
Bohemian Granát lager
The return of our 19th century favorite traditionally brewed with caramel malts and Saaz hops. Lagered for up to 70 days. 5,8% ABV.
Bohemian Black lager
Classic lager of Schwarzbeir style, brewed with 4 malts and lagered for up to 70 days. 5,3% ABV.

Herold beers are open fermented and lagered up to 70 days in our 500 year old cellars. From field to bottle, we hand-craft our lagers with pride and attention to detail. You will indeed taste the difference!