Cerna Hora

Cerná Hora

Have a taste of real czech beer from the Cerná Hora brewery!
The Cerná Hora brewery is the oldest in Moravia and one of the oldest in whole Czech Republic. Using age-old methods and classic technology built up over hundreads of years by generations of brewmasters, the brewery produces pub drafts, lagers, special drafts, beer spirits as well as sodas with taste of hops.


Cerná Hora Brewery

Location: Cerná Hora, Moravia(25km North of Brno)

Founded: 1530

Annual Production:


Brewmaster: Vlastimil Zedek

Quick Facts: Oldest Brewery in Moravia

Where to Find It:
Pivni Galerie
Restaurant Michal
U Frgála
Zlatý Rozen
Billards V Cipu