Cerna Hora

Berounský Medved

Modern brewing history goes back to 1871 in the town of Beroun but ended in 1978. Over 20 years later, the Mayer family renewed the tradition by opening a brewery for the true beer lover. This isn't a fancy joint, it's a place for those who love good beer, good friends and good times. Highly recommended.


Berounský Medved Family Brewery

Location: Beroun, Bohemia (30km Southwest of Prague)

Founded: 1999

Annual Production: 300hl


Brewmaster: Peter Hudeček Owners: Hana & Vaclav Meyer

Quick Facts: On the site of an old sugar factory.

Where to Find It:
At the brewery!

Twice a year is a larger potter and craft fair in the town of Beroun where you'll find the beer for sale on the square. The fall fair will be 8-9 Septermber 2007. More info at their website but we've noticed it's not kept very up to date!




11 Light

11° Light - 4% alc.

Other Brews:

-14° Seasonal

-17° Seasonal Dark, first brewed April 2007

13 dark

13° Dark - 5.2%

Getting There:

The town of beroun is a pleasant train ride through a river basin with stunning landscapes and a castle or two.

Trains depart from both Prague's main station and Prague Smichov station (reachable by the yellow metro line). The commuter trains (Os) take around 50 minutes while the fast train (R) is around 35 min. If you would like to stop at the famous Karlstejn castle on the way there or back, take the commuter train because the fast trains don't stop there. The Karlstejn stop is easy to tell because that's where everybody with a camera gets off. From there, Beron two more stops.

Once at the train station, walk out the front door and turn left and follow the signs to the brewery. There are a few twists and turns, but walk into the courtyard of the industrial area and you are there! Tell them we sent you!

For train schedules, follow this link:
Czech Train Schedules
and enter from "Praha" to "Beroun".